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Yoromi Kankoji

Yoromi Kankoji

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Shio-koji aged for 3 years. Compared to regular shio-koji, it has smoother edges and a mellower taste.

Yoromi Village Yoromi Kankoji

(100g bottle 1000 yen)

This salted koji has been aged for three years at a Zen temple in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Compared to regular shio koji, it is characterized by a mellow taste without the sharpness of saltiness. We recommend adding it to tofu or natto, or making a dressing with oil and vinegar.

According to the five elements, winter is considered a season when the kidneys weaken. Salt is important at this time of year to regulate moisture and maintain body temperature, but if you add a little of this kanji instead of salt, you can add depth to the flavor.

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