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[Made to Order] Living Kimchi Veggie Kimchi

[Made to Order] Living Kimchi Veggie Kimchi

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Starting in September, ZWK will start selling Yuko Soleil Higuchi's "Living Kimchi Veggie Kimchi." We will make only the amount you have reserved each week at our store, so if you would like to purchase, please make a reservation by phone or email.

Phone: 075-366-4134 (ZWK representative)

::::::::::::: ▼Items to include in the email ::::::::::::::

·full name:
・Date and time of visit (or delivery address):
・Number of reservations:
Veggie kimchi cucumber (pieces)
◇Vegetable kimchi radish (pieces )
◇Veggie kimchi Chinese cabbage ( pieces)
◇Vegetable kimchi tomatoes (pieces)

:::::::::::::▲ Items to include in the email▲ :::::::::::::

Natural kimchi without animal products, additives, or preservatives

■Product name: Living Kimchi Veggie Kimchi
■Types: Cucumber/Chinese cabbage/radish/tomato
■Price: 350 yen/100g + tax

*Price varies depending on weight. Since each item has a different weight, we will contact you with the price after you place your order. The approximate weight per pack is around 350g for cucumbers/Chinese cabbage/radish, and around 240g for tomatoes.

*If you live far away, we will deliver by cool delivery (shipping fee starts from 1,650 yen)

*The holding period for in-store pickup will be 2 days from the date of application.

*The product has a two-week expiration date, but after the 10th day, lactic acid bacteria fermentation begins and the product becomes sour. If you like sour flavors, please refrigerate until this point and enjoy.

*Since no food additives are used, it releases water. Since it is the water content of vegetables, please use it as a seasoning like water kimchi.


Soleil Yoko Higuchi

After training in France, he worked at the long-established French restaurant Nukitepa in Tokyo, and then launched his own brand, Soleil. Over the years, he has been producing jams, pickles, and pickles using cooking methods that bring out the best in the ingredients without using additives. You are making side dishes. We are particular about the raw materials we use and are careful to use environmentally friendly and safe materials.

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