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REFLECT Kuromoji Blend Essential Oil

REFLECT Kuromoji Blend Essential Oil

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REFLECT Inner Energy: A soft, elegant fragrance that combines feminine gentleness, deep generosity, and sensual pleasure.

essential oils used

Kuromoji (Keihoku Town, Kyoto Prefecture)
Lavender (Okamurasaki, Hokkaido)
Vetiver (Indonesia)

Fragrance characteristics and functionality: The sharp strength of Kuromoji essential oil is wrapped in the mellow softness of lavender. Additionally, linalool, a component common to these two essential oils, is one of the most important scent components. Linalool provides a relaxing scent that soothes the fatigue of the day. At the same time, it is a scent that brings out the femininity that lies deep within the mind and body, heightening sensuality and sex appeal.
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