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yawn coffee

yawn coffee

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Coffee made from carefully selected raw beans, washed and roasted in-house with a unique profile.

By removing miscellaneous tastes, the original "aroma, sourness, bitterness, and richness" are straightened out.

I can feel it.

We hope you enjoy your encounter with Kiyoraka Coffee.


Why wash?

Because it's dirty.

Washing the beans before roasting removes the thin film called chaff that covers the beans.

If this is removed, moldy beans, dead beans (*), and immature beans are usually invisible.

It can be removed.

In addition, surface dirt can be removed and unpleasant tastes can be reduced.


Another benefit of washing is that clean water soaks the green beans before roasting.

After roasting, the slight amount of moisture remaining in the beans becomes clear.

However, the increased total weight makes roasting much more difficult.

Thanks to the newly added plentiful moisture, it will be fluffy to the core.


Kiyoraka Coffee is best consumed within one to three weeks after roasting.

Products will be shipped within one week after roasting.

Contents: 100g


* Items that have fallen to the ground and been left unattended for a long time. Get lost during the harvest

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