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Plum paste

Plum paste

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100g of kneaded plums with a good balance of salty and sour, made with pickled plums and plum vinegar

Plums that can make you healthy both physically and mentally

I once had the terrifying experience of suddenly developing an allergy the night I sprayed pesticides on a plum field, and learned that using such pesticides can't be good for producers or consumers, and there's no way they can be healthy. and was switched to pesticide-free.

If the plum trees themselves become healthy, they will become resistant to pests and diseases, and we believe that natural enemies, indigenous fungi, garlic, and chili pepper extracts can be used to control pests without using pesticides, so we are cultivating the right crops in the right places to promote natural circulation. He is trying to cultivate the soil to make the most of it. For fertilizer, fresh rice husk is applied several times a year, pesticides were sprayed in May 1998, and chemical fertilizers have not been applied since 1993.

He says that he wants to continue to provide consumers with ume, a health food that they can eat with peace of mind and improve their physical and mental health.

Nakamoto plum farm
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